Discover What Your Target Market Really Thinks: Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Survey Tool

Introducing our new survey tool! Gain authentic insights into your target market with ease. Our unique incentive structure encourages participation while providing enhanced privacy protection. Say goodbye to traditional methods and hello to scalability and streamlined processes, for generating authentic and real-life applicable data insights.  Companies and projects seeking to optimize their marketing efforts ideally […]

Create LinkedIn insights on WeDataNation!

Whether you’re just getting started on LinkedIn or you’re already an established brand, it’s important to look to your competitors and relevant influencers for best practices and strategies.

Erfahren Sie alles über Ihre Konkurrenz auf WeDataNation!

Ganz gleich, ob Sie gerade erst den Einstieg bei Facebook suchen oder bereits eine etablierte Marke sind, es ist wichtig, dass Sie sich bei Best-Practices und Strategien an Ihren Konkurrenten orientieren. Denn diese konkurrieren wahrscheinlich um die gleiche Zielgruppe wie Sie. Während Sie gerade erst mit dem Marketing beginnen, bedient Ihre Konkurrenz derzeit vermutlich schon das für Sie ideale Zielpublikum.

Learn all about your competition on WeDataNation!

Whether you’re just getting started on Facebook or you’re already an established brand, it’s important to look to your competitors for best practices and strategies. After all, they are likely competing for the same target audience as you. While you’re just getting started with marketing, your competitors are probably already serving your ideal target audience.

Building the Dataverse: WeDataNation joins forces with DataUnion 

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of our official partnership with DataUnion Foundation. We are convinced that this partnership will be highly beneficial in both parties’ missions to unlock the true potential of our data, and make it an asset class everybody can profit from.

How to fund your blockchain start-up the “decentralized way”

Each start-up, irrespective of its team, its business model, or its network, needs capital. The advent of blockchain has opened the doors for novice ways of funding early-stage projects. As a multiple OceanDAO Grantee, we want to break down some aspects to consider when looking to get decentralized early stage funding for your start-up.

The liberalization of our data

The dataverse is emerging. Its associated opportunities, and the reason its such an important development, lies in the potential for true self-determination and data ownership. Let’s take a closer look at the current data landscape and how organizations are working with their proprietary data today – and how an open data economy could work tomorrow.

Rise of the Dataverse

Data is the core of the 21st century economy – the digital economy. Companies worth trillions of dollars made the extraction, storage, and analysis of data their bread and butter. However, there’s a novice movement gaining traction, seeking to empower data owners and establishing a more egalitarian data economy.