We are excited to announce the beginning of our official partnership with Pollinations. We believe that this partnership will be highly beneficial in both parties’ mission to use AI to make digital experiences more customizable, unique and fun. 

With the support of Pollinations, WeDataNation is going to offer the worldwide first AI-generated avatar representing a person’s digital replica. Based on the data users decide to upload onto our platform, Pollinations’ solution will create an avatar that matches the user’s characteristics and chosen aesthetics. 

Pollinations is a platform offering customized AI creation tools. With Pollinations’ solution, people can create AI media directly within communities, platforms and social media. On a research level, Pollinations is developing technology enabling users to generate 3D objects and avatars using merely text prompts. 

Both WeDataNation and Pollinations embody the decentralized spirit of Web3. Pollinations’ Founders Caroline Barrueco and Thomas Haferlach summed it up like this: 

“We couldn’t be happier about having WeDataNation as our first partnership because we share the same ideals for Web3: a place for agency, freedom, and respect. The coolest thing about the avatar generation is that it covers the point that data can tell stories. With WeDataNation you’re able to not only see them, but to own them. 

Our preset was developed so that the wide range of human interests and diversity could be shown while at the same time providing aesthetic consistency. We love the results! Log in to WeDataNation’s app to find out how our AI sees you.”

Figure 1: A simplified breakdown of how Pollinations’ AI generated avatar will be implemented into WDN’s ecosystem.

About WeDataNation

WeDataNation’s mission is to enable individuals to unfold the true value and potential of the data they generate. The world’s first AI-generated avatar based on each user’s unique dataset of interests, behaviors, interactions, and more is just one of the many visualization features we offer. With WeDataNation, users will finally receive the tools to easily analyze their data and generate passive income. 

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About Pollinations 

Pollinations is a lively, collaborative ecosystem for AI-generated media that represents your brand’s visual identity. Pollinations is crafting a web3 value flow to host and reward the open-source community. Imagine a gaming platform in which players can create 3D objects inside the game just by typing a few words into a box, or an NFT marketplace in which users can create and mint NFTs on the spot. By integrating with Pollinations’ API users can create all of this and much more without switching platforms. 

Caroline Barrueco, Co-founder at Pollinations, is a futurist and creative technologist. She believes in the power of creativity as a tool to help design new futures into existence. Caroline writes and researches about emerging technology and speculative scenarios on medium. Connect with Caroline on Twitter or on LinkedIn

Pollinations’ second co-founder, Thomas Haferlach, is a seasoned software engineer and ML researcher with deep involvement in the overlap between art and AI with multiple years of experience in the area of synthetic media. Connect with Thomas and Pollinations on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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