Time to connect and earn

Imagine a world without barriers. Without discrimination or unfair disadvantages. United, based on data, as one nation.


Companies use your data without compensating you in a fair way. By uploading data to our pools you get an overview of your data exposed on the internet and set the foundation for generating passive income.

Yes. Your data gets stored encrypted and decentralized on the Filecoin network.

You will find detailed descriptions to all available data sources in our

First, we delete all personal identifying information (PII), such as name or address. Afterward, all uploaded data is structured and prepared to be analyzed. It will never be exposed to third parties.

Income is corresponding to the usage of the overall datapools, your rank and your permissions of data usage.

At the moment WeDataNation applies the following model :
70% Publishers, 5% Trainers, 5% Validators, 20% WeDataNation Core.

To speed up processes we will initially only accept payments in cryptocurrencies. However, we will integrate fiat payments as soon as our busy developers find the time.

First, decide what role you want to play in the WeDataNation community. Then, register and connect your wallet. Detailed information about the roles you can choose from can be found here.

We are talking about a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which consists of all publishers and represents the highest authority in the WeDataNation universe. This is where decisions are made on how the generated income is distributed and what future developments are targeted. We plan to introduce the DAO right at the beginning as a clear statement. The handover of the governance functions, on the other hand, will be a long-term project. This is necessary to get the whole project up and running and to create a basis for the future success and cooperation of all parties.

Compute-to-Data solves the trade-off between the benefits of using private data and the risks of disclosure. The data remains on-premises, but third parties can perform certain computational tasks on it behind a firewall to obtain useful computational results, such as building an AI model.

Our core team is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. But we have people all over the world working on this vision to make it work. You can mail us or contact us on LinkedIn.

Data privacy policies are compliant with the EU-GDPR, as users always remain the owners of their data and we simply enable federated learning models to be used on datasets. Institutes or companies can analyze the data anonymously (without any part of it being exposed or copied) for scientific, market research, or similar purposes. For instance, they could conduct research to identify the relationship between depression and social media consumption. The revenue generated from this research will be automatically distributed among all users whose data was part of it, as tracked on the blockchain.

When using WeDataNation, it is important to remember that the amount of money you can earn through the platform may be limited in the beginning as the demand for data from a new, relatively small community may be low. However, as the community grows and the data featured on the app becomes more valuable, it is likely that the demand for it will rise, leading to a corresponding increase in what can be earned. Additionally, WeDataNation is about more than just making money from data; it is about creating a community of people dedicated to changing the data economy for the better so that individuals have more control and power over their personal data.

Ultimately, if the WeDataNation community can become a leader in this area, it could potentially lead to a universal data-backed income that would drastically improve the current data economy.

The monetization will take place via a fork of the ocean market, where all kinds of data scientists can write algorithms. We will then whitelist them (to prevent any fraud or copying of data) so that anyone who pays for it can then use the community data. Users will never pay anything to have their data stored. We as WDN will pay Filecoin to use their servers (as if we were using AWS).

The data is always under your control. Saved decentralized via Filecoin, kept anonymous without any copies being made.

You will be able to upload your data using our mobile app – we are in Testflight already now. We will also enable upload via a simple web app to facilitate the process. Click here to join our waitlist.