We are thrilled to announce the beginning of our official partnership with DataUnion Foundation. We are convinced that this partnership will be highly beneficial in both parties’ missions to unlock the true potential of our data, and make it an asset class everybody can profit from. 

What are data unions? 

Fundamentally, data unions enable teams of people, organizations, and businesses to collaborate and upload, annotate, and validate data. Instead of just selling their data to the highest bidder, algorithms can be trained with the data to gain valuable insights, and the data union members will receive financial compensation accordingly. 

This approach is in stark contrast to the status quo, with few companies amassing vast quantities of data and reaping the rewards by themselves. Data unions are all about collaboration, sharing and unlocking the co-created value of data – every participant, small or large, receives compensation for their contribution. 

DataUnion Foundation is a Web3 start-up focused on providing the tools and infrastructure to easily build data unions from scratch (Data-unions-as-a-Service), creating new opportunities to mobilize and reward groups to produce AI algorithm ready data sets and forging a new path towards creating inclusive and responsible AI.

Figure 1: A simplified breakdown of how data unions work. 

Having a partner like DataUnion Foundation on our side helps us bring the creation of new data unions, and the general mobilization of data, closer to the mainstream. DataUnion’s exceptional technological resources and network allow us to focus on onboarding as many users as possible, and “scale-up” the dataverse. 

DataUnion Co-Founder & CEO Robin Lehman will be serving as the Fractional CTO for WeDataNation and spearheading rapid prototype development to help us extend our offerings and infrastructure. The DataUnion Foundation and WeDataNation will work closely together to accelerate the roadmap, foster industry expertise, and strengthen strategic ties. In the process, WeDataNation will be taken from concept to market maturity to transform itself into a fully functional, self-sustaining data union.

“Having the chance to collaborate with such an exciting partner keeps the conversation about the ownership & rights of an individual’s data at the forefront of today’s many important battles — this is our chance to reclaim data sovereignty for all” — Robin Lehmann.

We will also be carrying out a live AMA session on Twitter, where Robin Lehmann will be answering all your questions. The link to the Twitter space is here. On monday we will provide more information where you will also be able to ask your questions beforehand.

About WeDataNation

WeDataNation’s mission is to enable individuals to unfold the true value and potential of the data they generate. The world’s first AI-generated avatar based on each user’s unique dataset of interests, behaviors, interactions, and more is just one of the many visualization features we offer. With WeDataNation, users will finally receive the tools to easily analyze their data and generate passive income.

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About DataUnion Foundation

DataUnion Foundation has created the world’s first DataUnion-as-a-Service platform and is building the world’s first Data Processing Oracle protocol and ecosystem. The complete tech stack creates a new level of data traceability, context and provenance, opening new data collaboration opportunities and a chance for participants to share in future value creation.

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