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Data is for Sharing

Earn passive income. Secure & anonymized

The liberalization
of our data

Our vision:

Free your data, but keep full control

Everyone should have the freedom to choose what to do with their data.

The era of big companies exploiting our data without asking us for permission or giving us a share of their profits is coming to an end – thanks to Web3 technology.


your data

How much is your data worth?

What does the internet know about your interests and behaviors?


Generate passive

Don’t leave it to big tech to earn from your data – Start monetizing the parts of your data that you are willing to share.


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Get airdrops from your favorite brands, receive vouchers or wearables directly to your wallet.

Turn your preferences, interests, and behaviors into your personal avatar.

Your avatar gives a glimpse of the footprint you leave on the internet.

What type of user are you?

Get the world’s first computer-generated NFT avatar, based on your data and as unique as yourself!
How cool is that?

Receive awareness about your most extraordinary behaviors in our highlight section

How do you spend most of your time on the internet?

Experience yourself anew and increase the level of awareness about yourself. Don't leave those learning to big tech exclusively.

Do you also enjoy Spotify's yearly highlights?

We provide them for the entirety of your data.
Always on demand.

How do you compare to the majority of society?
Which values do you stand up for more strongly than others?


Meet with like-minded people, and decide where the journey is going

Whether by creating awareness or by generating passive income - everyone in possession of a WDN-DATA-NFT is entitled to vote and make their own proposals to the WDN-DAO.

Monetize your lifestyle.
Anywhere. Anytime.


Time to connect and earn

Generate passive income: Universal basic income through data is finally possible

After minting your WDN-DATA-NFT, you will have the opportunity to provide your data for research purposes and thereby generate passive income. But wait a minute! Is this safe and do I even want it? The following explanation may help you to make a clear decision. We have created a system that we believe will permanently change the way we deal with our data.

Become a WDN user available for IOS and Android

WDN ensures three basic conditions

01 Your data is stored securely, decentralised and encrypted
02 Only the owner of the data (you) has access rights
03 Your data is analysed anonymously and without direct access
or the possibility to copy the original data

WDN’s revolutionary principle

is called Compute-To-Data and is probably the greatest achievement of the last decade in the field of decentralised data economy (more information about C-T-D can be found in our FAQ section). In this way, we guarantee that no one can see your data - and at the same time preserve the ability to deliver meaningful insights for which researchers are willing to pay for.

Time to connect and earn