Lets build an open data world

Imagine a world without barriers. Without discrimination or unfair disadvantages. United, based on data, as one nation.


Every year companies exploit our personal interests, fears, preferences, strengths and weaknesses to create customer profiles or in the worst case scenario political profiles and sell them for billions.

At WeDataNation we are convinced that this concept is outdated and no longer fits our modern idea of a self-determined individual. Self-determination and self-consciousness are two of the highest human properties, which we believe are endangered by the data use of global players.

For this reason, we want to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a network of conscious and strong individuals who decide for themselves how to use their personal data and thereby generate passive income as a bonus.



Together, we want to create new values, that even go beyond the necessity of passive income and centralized power


and thus give the power over data back to the people. We will no longer accept external determination and third-party control. This is what we stand for. With you. Together.


We believe in data sovereignty, proprietary rights and the entitlement of every individual to claim their personal data as their intellectual property.
We reject any form of data control by third parties.
We create knowledge and awareness about the image the internet holds of us.
We regain control and make our own decisions about the usage of our data.
We envision that universal and passive income already exists, which we merely need to claim for ourselves.