Introducing our new survey tool! Gain authentic insights into your target market with ease. Our unique incentive structure encourages participation while providing enhanced privacy protection. Say goodbye to traditional methods and hello to scalability and streamlined processes, for generating authentic and real-life applicable data insights. 

Companies and projects seeking to optimize their marketing efforts ideally have a thorough understanding of their target market. Knowing your persona, preferences, demographics, and dislikes can greatly increase the impact of every dollar spent on marketing campaigns. Knowing what works, and what doesn’t work, is key. Too many marketing efforts are based on good guesses and vague assumptions that lack certainty about their customers. Surveys, as unspectacular as they might appear, are an integral part of getting to the gist of knowing what works. Therefore we decided to bring to market our advanced survey tool striving to improve the shortcomings of prevalent survey methods. It will help you establish a constant feedback loop with your customers through an appropriate incentivization scheme. In the following, we want to explain the features we are offering. 

1. Anonymity 

While anonymous surveys themselves are no groundbreaking invention whatsoever, what is new is that survey respondents remain anonymous yet receive compensation and rewards. 

2. On-chain mechanism 

Our blockchain-based survey technology preserves anonymity while still providing rewards. When someone takes a survey, they receive their own non-custodial wallet that they control. Rewards for completing surveys are sent directly to the wallet as tokens, making the process easy and efficient. For example, a fashion store could offer vouchers as rewards for completing a survey, with the QR code sent to the wallet for redemption in-store. Similarly, a gym could offer drinks vouchers for completing a survey, with the reward sent directly to the respondent’s wallet. Our technology allows surveyors to ask any type of question, even sensitive ones, thanks to our use of whitelisted algorithms and blockchain technology. This ensures anonymity and compensation for respondents.

Figure 1: A simplified breakdown of WeDataNation’s survey cycle. 

When someone takes a survey on WeDataNation, they answer a bunch of questions. Then, their answers are uploaded and analyzed using special algorithms that keep their identity anonymous. This helps the surveyor get valuable insights from the data.

Respondents are compensated with direct payments to their integrated wallet as a thank-you for their time and effort, creating a win-win situation – the surveyor gets useful data and the respondent gets rewarded for their time and effort while preserving anonymity. WeDataNation’s survey process strives to be fair and beneficial for both the surveyor and the respondent. 

3. Data attachments

Not only can users answer any survey questions, but they can also attach any of their data, e.g. social media data, without having to worry about revealing any sensitive data. We whitelist algorithms that analyze each user’s Data NFT so that no personal information can be copied or read by the company doing the survey.

This means companies can gain a whole new level of understanding about their customers, without accessing any personal information directly. 

Using our platform, companies can gather authentic and valuable insights about their customers, which will help them build stronger relationships. Even if customers make inaccurate statements about themselves and their preferences, their user data remains reliable and trustworthy.

4. Efficiency & Scalability 

Creating surveys and collecting data from customers can be a daunting task, especially when repeatedly asking for standard demographic information like age, gender, and residence. However, our platform simplifies this process with a unique NFT identifier that assigns this data once provided and securely stores it in Filecoin’s P2P storage network. This removes the need for customers to answer repetitive questions and allows companies to focus on gathering more valuable feedback. By streamlining surveys and reducing customer friction, we make it easier to collect data on a large scale, improving scalability and overall efficiency.

The survey tool is currently undergoing its beta launch, and we invite companies and project eager to improve their customer and community understanding to give it a try for free. 

5. Reallife Example

One of our first customers is an onlineshop for startups.

With every purchase in this shop, the respective customers receive a survey link, offering the chance to provide valuable feedback that helps to enhance the shopping experience for all. As a reward for their time and effort completing this survey, customers will receive a discount code for their next purchase, and the WDN app offers additional functionalities to explore at their convenience.

By uploading data from social media portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Zalando, to a secure and decentralized architecture, customers can also earn passive income by offering their data for analysis purposes, from third parties.

The shop operator gains incredible insights into their customers’ social media and online behavior, empowering him to cater to their needs and preferences better.

Our first customer e.g. is interested in discovering which products and activities his customers are still passionate about to expand his product range in that direction. And by understanding the composition of their customers with regards to Instagram and Facebook, he can place targeted advertising tailored to these customer groups, ensuring an even more personalized shopping experience.

Figure 2: WeDataNation’s survey tool and its features at a glance. 

About WeDataNation

The WeDataNation team is composed of professionals specializing in entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, finance, and project management. Henry Wulf Concilio, co-founder, and CEO has extensive experience in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and blockchain technology. Raphael Hagemann, co-founder, and COO has over 10 years of experience in banking, finance, and project management. Robin Lehman,  DataUnion’s co-founder & CEO, is serving as the fractional CTO for WeDataNation and spearheading rapid prototype development to help extend WeDataNation’s offerings and infrastructure. Together, the WeDataNation team is well-equipped to unlock the potential of individuals’ data and increase data consciousness, allowing easy access to the benefits of user data. Learn more about WeDataNation on their Website, LinkedIn, and Discord.

Contact: Henry Wulf Concilio, co-founder,

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